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Alison Fincher lives and paints on the Bellarine Peninsula in
Southeastern Australia.   


Art and design have always been significant in Alison’s life. She works
primarily with watercolours, acrylics, ink and pencil and her pictures span different genres, with images depicting water, land, people and life scenes. 
Most recently she has added portrait painting to these pursuits.  


In addition to watercolour works on paper, Alison paints ‘wateracrylics’ on canvas, in which acrylic paint is built up in layered washes, creating images with a transparency reflective in style of her loose watercolour paintings.   


As a frequent traveller, Alison takes the opportunity where possible to
capture the spirit of the places she visits through her sketches and
paintings; however the Bellarine Peninsula remains the inspiration
for a large portion of her work. 

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